14 August, 2005

Another blog?

Hell yeah!

There is an increasing risk of serial blogger accusations. Not, I hasten to add, accusations of a serial poster. So what.

Even the most-read bloggers take a break from time-to-time, reinvent themselves or just get bored and stopped blogging. My excuse is that Iamadonut lacks a voice. A good blog needs that voice, niche if you like to be of interest. Instead of trying to find that voice, blogging activity has been dispersed first to Donut's Daily Daguerreotype.

Now Donutball.

I've come back to baseball this year. It's been an on-again off-again love affair. Growing up on both sides of the pond, football was my first love. Over the other side baseball quickly sparked my interest. Geography, teenage rebellion, double knit uniforms and Astroturf contributed to declining interest. There'll be more of this later.

In the meantime, what voice will this blog take? Fanboy blog this isn't. The (re)birth of the Washington Nationals played a part in rekindling my baseball interest. This is not a Nationals blog. That part of cyberspace is fairly fully occupied by several excellent blogs (links on the right). But, there'll be plenty of Nats' posts. There will also be coverage of my Diamond Mind Baseball team, the Mariners, who play in the long-running IRBL. Baseball simulations/games are a long-time hobby. Expect comment on the Mets, past and present.

Hell, the football season has just started so "C'mon you Spurs!"


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