15 January, 2006

Referring decision

[A post would have appeared here yesterday if the author hadn't been baulked with cyberspace in sight. It was the last line of defence. Blog post was inevitable with only the router to beat. Words prevented from reaching the server. Blatant professional foul. No option for the referee to expel the culprit.]

So why, then, did Liverpool's Scott Carson get away with just a yellow card against Luton. He was the last line of defence. Fouled a Luton player who had beaten him. But, no yellow card. Carson didn't even have the benefit of a goalkeeper behind him to bring in some doubt that a goal would have been scored - he was the goalkeeper. Ok, Luton got a penalty and scored. But, perhaps Liverpool might not have won 5-3 if Carson had been sent off.

This week, Tottenham's Paul Stalteri was expelled for a "last line of defence" foul. Yet, Harry Kewell did not have control of the ball. There was still the goalkeeper to beat and defender Lee was tracking back to challenge Kewell.

Maybe Stalteri deserved a red card. But, by the same token Carson should have gone last week.

Same old problem: inconsistent refereeing.

Otherwise: 1-0 defeat, hard to take, but cannot complain.


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