31 March, 2006

Somebody stole our banner

Bloody Blogger seems to have eaten Dounball's banner. We'll get it back up as soon as we can.

Meanwhile, this week in Donutball you can expect one or more (or less) of the following:
  • more wailings of a Tottenham supporter
  • a cut out and keep guide to the IRBL Mariners (honest, we're working on it)
  • Donutball's MLB predictions (you'd be surprised)
  • Donutball's five point plan for English rugby (point 3 - hire Sven Goran Eriksson)
  • (very old) thoughts on the World Baseball Classic and an Alexander Smit dispatch
You may have noticed we promised some of this stuff a couple of weeks ago. Well, patience is a virtue as my mum told me. Thanks, mum.

Rest assured patient reader, we'll be sitting here in our thick cotton Nats' t-shirt all weekend, if necessary, to give you the best in blogdom.


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