20 April, 2006

MLB debut - Sendy Rleal

All Sendy Rleal has done in his short pitching career is throw strikes, but like Henny Youngman he gets no respect.

Beefs. Rleal is too old - 25 - to be considered a prospect. The Dominican lacks stamina. He's one-dimensional. He's not a real pitcher just a converted shortstop. No control. Not pitched above AA - two full seasons there no less.

On the other hand, Rleal has solid fastball and slider. He has been increasingly dominant especially since converting to relief full time. He eats up righties.

Baltimore gave him a shot this Spring after posting good numbers in Florida. Rleal got an early opportunity to show his worth at the Major League level.

He entered Baltimore's 5 April game against Tampa at the beginning of 9th with the game safely sewn up. In one inning he gave up a leadoff double to Josh Paul, but retired the rest of the side in order.

Rleal might not be the second coming of Armando Benitez. Then again, O's fans might feel grateful for that. Sendy could just pan out to be a valuable short man out of the pen: possibly even a ROOGY.

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