10 May, 2006

Move on

This is how we learned about Sunday's terrible events. A text message from brother Donut as we sunned in Croatia.

It's over. There's no need to discuss the controversy any more. Here at Donutball, we've accepted the result. It's a huge disappointment.

On the other hand, the sobering thought is that Tottenham managed to take just four points (all from draws) off of the top 4 teams in the Premier League. That's not to suggest that over the season 4th place wouldn't have been the fair conclusion. It does point out that no matter how far Spurs have come this season - from mediocrity to respectability to achievement - there is still some way to go.

Donutball has - and this haunts us - been consistent in the assessment that Spurs are not ready for the Champions League. Well, that's come to pass.

We need to get over the disappointment and realise that next season will be tougher. But, a top 6 place is again the goal as will be a UEFA Cup run and a better performance in the domestic cup competitions. There will be greater strain on the squad. This season the team played the minimum amount of matches possible: 40 (38 in the league, one in each of the domestic knock-out competitions). It will a much higher tally next season. So, there's work to be done strengthening the squad.

Though the club's appeal to the league failed, there is good reason for pride. Martin Jol has put together an exciting, entertaining and competitive team.

The final word goes to Spurs chairman, Daniel Levy.

A recurring theme is the pride you all felt in our 'heroes' on the pitch on Sunday and that you are looking forward to our return to Europe. It has been a great season and we should refuse to let this mar the achievements of it and the optimism with which we will now greet the new season.

Oh, and fuck the Arsenal.


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