07 September, 2005

"(Not) the playoff watch" - stolen heart edition

the heart says playoffs, the head says golf course

Last night's non-playoff race action:

Flippers 4, Nats 2
Their fill-in starter goes 5, keeps them in the game and the bullpen does the rest. Our fill-in guy limps into the third. Later on, Mike Stanton brings out the gas can. Trader Jack is happy as he’s got two Aces up his sleeve. F-Rob will have to dip into the bullpen again tonight. Good guys need to de-rail the D-train.

Texans 2, Phailers 1
Just when you wanted the Broad Street Bullies to do some cow punching of their own, Jimmy Rollins trips over his own shoelaces and Billy “Punchout” Wagner gets runover in the 9th.

Turners 3, Metsies 1
Andruw continues to carry America's Team (tm) on his back. Smoltzie beats Pete. Metsies are going down.

Wild card: Eric Bruntlett
Busted flush: Todd Pratt

At the start of play today:

              W  L  GB GL
Houston      74 64  -- 24
Florida      73 65 1.0 24
Philadelphia 73 66 1.5 23
Washington   72 67 2.5 23
NY Mets      70 68 4.0 24

On tap today:

At RFK, Halama duels Dontrelle Willis.
Houston battles Padilla’s “great stuff”, Philly deals with '04 playoff hero Brandon Backe.
The Mets slide continues in the Southland – old warhorse Tom Glavine faces up to his old team’s new stud Tim Hudson.

Best case: back to 1.5 behind Houston, but still a game back of Philly and 0.5 behind the Fish.
Worst case: dropping to 3.5 away from the rocketing Astros.


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