30 August, 2005

Bank Holiday posting

Donutball took a short break over the long (UK) holiday weekend, doing chores and visiting family.

We've been glued to the TV and car radio during that time following the further epic battle between English and Australian gladiators cricketers. England triumphed, but only just. More soon.

Tottenham elbowed their way out of first place. "Pictures at eleven."

Despite an August proving that July wasn't that bad, teh Nats sit just 2 1/2 games out of the wild card spot. Er, but are in last place. Believe it or not, this team could go, like, 19-13 the rest of the way and still make the playoffs. Then again, at this rate, 10 wins would be a push.

Finally, there's exciting news about Donutball's poster boy, Alexander Smit, thanks to Babel Fish. Patience.

So, why don't you make Donutball your September call-up?


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