18 August, 2005

Nats - transaction corner

Why do the Nats keep jerking around their toolsy outfielders? That’s a rhetorical question.

There is a discernible patter that is bordering on madness. Promote a guy with wheels, or do some minor level deal to obtain similar. Throw him in to the lineup on Monday. If he’s not the reincarnation of Tris Speaker by Friday, it’s off to Nawlins.

Pity poor Brandon Watson. Ok, he may not be the answer to the Nats’ prayers – a healthy, all round, decent hit, decent field center fielder. But, the poor guy didn’t even last long enough to play at RFK.

On the brighter side, it may mean more p/t for the almost forgotten Ryan Church. True, he’s struggling at the plate – a feeble grounder as a pinch hitter in last night’s stifled 7th inning rally. Then again, as I’m sure you’d agree, Church needs ABs. His value is diminished – not to mention his confidence - riding the bench.

There’s a case for sending Church back to AAA though I imagine the outfield is getting a mite crowded down there with Bowden’s castoffs. The flip side is his number are still pretty decent - .294/.352/.480.

In other words, what was the point of promoting Watson in the first place. It would have made some sense if the ailing Church had been placed on the DL at the same time. Otherwise, this is just jerking around.

Meanwhile, it’s Halama time. Funnily enough I’m having chickpea and halama cheese salad tonight.


Blogger D said...

Hey me donut friend --

The Tim Howard quote comes from the ridiculously funny Manchester Buccaneers blog at http://spaces.msn.com/members/ManchesterBuccaneers/

See the August 16 entry.

18 August, 2005 15:37  

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