17 August, 2005

Clunk - Denmark 4, England 1

Thank goodness that was a warm-up for the World Cup qualifiers rather than a qualification match.

Even so, with Svennis putting out pretty nearly a first choice eleven - for the first half at least - this ain't good.

Jermain Defoe. Love him for Tottenham. But, I've got to admit, he's not yet international class. This causes problems with Michael Owen - Mr Goody-Two-Shoes - suspended for the Cardiff match on 3 September. Does Sven stick with the Spurs man or go with Man U's volatile and rarely spectacular Alan Smith?

Thankfully, it's Wales next: not world beaters, but no doubt fired up for England. It would take a minor miracle to stop qualification. But, tonight's reversal and the awful Spanish match last autumn show that England are unlikely to step up a level in next summer's World Cup.

"We are red, we are white/We are Danish dynamite!"


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