16 August, 2005

Nats - was the Buck hot dogs what won it

Nationals 6, Broad Street Sissies 3

Thanks to a 5-1 road trip and the $1 hot dogs, the Phillies had a walk-up crowd of more than 7,600 fans.

$1 hot dogs. Eh. Now if it were $1 beer, I'm sure I'd walk up for $10 general admission.

John IV was up late to post, so go read his amazement at P-Wil's explosion. But, don't get carried away. Mookie's kid is still a .250 hitter with medium power who strikes out too much and has limited range. You won't catch him on my team. (I'm carrying Scott Podsednik as a default CF, for chrissake. Here's hoping his DL stint doesn't make him untradeable.)

The return of ¡Livan! is welcome news. Boy, the Nats need their horse saddled and ready to gallop. Just lead him to the water and he'll drink.

Drese (lost his last five starts) v. "Holywood" Lidle (six walks last time out) tonight. Due for a pitcher's duel?


Blogger D said...

Pete: Good reading over here. Any chance on making you the EPL correspondent for The DCenters?

16 August, 2005 13:55  
Blogger pete said...

sure thing, D, though i don't get to games these days.

16 August, 2005 19:52  

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