18 August, 2005

Dutch - no, not that one; the other one

I was checking through the Appy League stats yesterday lunchtime (don't ask why, it was just a thing to do) and came across the line of Alexander Smit, a 6'4", 205lb, 19 year old lefty in the Twins system.

Smit started the season at Beloit as a starter where his line was:
1-9 5.98 49.2 58H 41R 33ER 9HR 28BB 54SO

After being demoted to Elizabethton, Smit has been used in relief only and his line looks like this:
6-1 2.16 41.2 21H 12R 10ER 3HR 11BB 79SO

That's 17.1 SO/9IP for those without scorecards. Needless to say, Smit leads the Appy League in Ks.

Do you think this guy brings heat? Funnily enough, according to Baseball America's Prospects Guide, Smit has shown inconsistent velocity, which has been a concern for the Twins. He has been developing a knuckle curve, which might provide some explanation for his high K count.

With those kind of numbers, you might think Smit would be closing for the E Twins. But, no. That job has fallen to Pat Lahey who leads the league with 14 saves. Lahey only has 25Ks in 22.1 innings.

Smit is a rare European signing. He's a Dutch national and played for the Netherlands in last year's Olympic baseball tournament. In fact, he's missed parts of the last two seasons through duty with the national squad. Still only 19, he's raw got time to develop. My guess is that he might not turn out to be that B+ player the Twins hope. But, Donutball will keep its eyes peeled.


Smit fanned three, walked one and gave up no hits in two innings Tuesday night. He got credited with a hold as the Twins beat the Bristol Sox 6-3. The Sox committed 6 errors, including one each from the Acosta boys.


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