21 August, 2005

Top of the League

Bleedin' 'ell!

Spurs. Top of the league!

Er, OK. No need to get carried away. It's only the second week of the season. Nevertheless, it's a start.

Saturday saw drug lad, Edgar Davids, make his Premiership debut as Spurs beat a tough Middlesbrough side 2-0. England flop, Jermain Defoe, scored his second goal of the season. More importantly, the defense didn't concede a goal. 180 minutes and no goals against. That's probably the most encouraging aspect of the first few kicks of the season.

Paul Robinson again was excellent between the posts. Whilst in front of him, an inexperience back line has just about coped.

Tougher challenges await. I'm still hoping for not much more than 9th - i.e. top half of the league. Who knows, it might be better. Top place? For this week only. Happy to be there, but we're keeping it warm for others.


Blogger D said...

I am *this* close to rooting for the Spurs as my EPL team of choice. I propose a swap. I support the Spurs, get you on board for DCU...

22 August, 2005 14:05  

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