22 January, 2006

Standing proud

Spurs introduce new club badge.

The cockerel stands proud.

The Shelf likes the new badge though notes that the redesign is yet another marketing ploy following the examples of the Arse and Chelski.

I think I've owned one only replica shirt in my life - the horrid tear here stripe Admiral shirt from the 80s. I did buy a "retro" centenary shirt a couple of years ago.

The cockerel has been associated with the club since at least 1910, when the famous cockerel and ball symbol was placed on the old West Stand. It's unclear where the link between Spurs and the cockerel originated. The old club badge featured 'spurs, as in what you dig into a horse and is a reference to Harry Hotspur, Duke of Northumberland. It is on the lands of the Northumberland family that Tottenham first played.

Speaking of commercial revenue, Spurs for many years resisted advertising around the pitch at White Hart Lane. Before the 1910 West Stand was built, White Hart Lane, in common with most grounds of the time, was plastered with all sorts of wooden and enamel signs. In the inter-war years these disappeared. It was late on in comparison with most big clubs that Spurs cashed in on this revenue stream.

No cock and bull stories, please.


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