11 May, 2006

MLB debut - Willie Eyre

Willie Mays (yep, Willie Mays) Eyre made his debut for the Twinskies on 6 April at the stadium formerly known as Skydome. Mays, I mean Eyre, is a 27 year old rookie reliever. So, you'll guess immediately that he's not prospect. But, the guy's finally made it to the Bigs. That's always nice: to see an organisational type player crack the Show.

Being an organisation guy (7 years with the Twins, no less), it would not usually be easy to pick up a great deal of information about someone like Eyre. However, McKamey's "Minor League Baseball Analyst" has a few lines. It seems he's a recent transfer to the bullpen. As happens for many a pitcher, a move to the pen means he can throw nothing but heaters and get away with it. One of Eyre's problems seems to be arm-speed on his secondary pitches, so a bit of tipping going on there.

Last year, Eyre went 10-3 with 7 saves in 56 games with a 2.72 ERA.

Against Toronto, Eyre relieved Juan Rincon in the 7th with Minnesota down 6-2. He kept them in the ball game with an inning of one-hit ball. Apart from a single to Hillenbrand, Eyre threw three groundball outs.

(Correction) Eyre is the brother of the Cubs' Scott Eyre but is not, if you need telling, any relation to Willie Mays.

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