13 September, 2005

Ashes Parade

As I arrived for work, outside TV broadcast units were setting up. Sky's vans outside my office.

Time for a workers' tea break.

Setting up a human clock photo.

The open top bus comes into view.

Freddie Flintoff and Ashley Giles with the sponsor's trophy.

Freddie looking worse for wear. Captain Michael Vaughan to the left.

Simon Jones opening a bottle of champagne...

...and spraying the fans.

People climbed on ledges to get a good view.

Following the buses along the Strand.

The men's and women's teams enter Trafalgar Square.


Pietersen (left) deservedly milks the applause.


London goes cricket potty.

Great to see the women's team too. They won their version of the Ashes too, y'know.

The National Gallery overlooks the massive crowd.

Barmy Army.

I reckon at least 50,000 in Trafalgar Square alone. Possibly more.

Some estimates of 750,000 for the whole parade.

Nelson's Column. In the last few years, we've seen rugby World Cup winners, Olympians, the London Bid, the Ashes and 7 July memorial fill this famous square. But, probably never such a famous day.


Blogger D said...

Very cool Pete.. should take the sting off of N. Ireland, no? Seriously, congrats to both the men's and women's teams. Strangely, my first exposure to The Ashes (being a yank) was in Douglas Adams work.

(Best line I heard on that: Is there a Swedish version of hotjobs.com?)

15 September, 2005 14:29  

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