09 September, 2005

(N)tpw - Friday edition

the heart says playoffs, the head says golf course

Flippers 8, Nats 4
The home team is quietly folding, epitomised by an under-the-weather John Patterson. On the bright side:

“The game drew 27,625 and increased the Nationals' home attendance to a franchise-record 2,333,091 in the team's first season in Washington. The previous mark was set when the Expos drew 2,320,651 to Montreal's Olympic Stadium in 1983.”

Oh, and Guzman got his average above .200. Watch out Honus Wagner!

Budweisers 5, Metsies 0
Meanwhile, lights out for the Metsies on the Missouri as Pujols thumps two HRs and Carpenter stymies New Yorker bats:

“Carpenter gave up two hits in the first, then retired 16 in a row -- with just two batters hitting balls that reached the outfield -- before Carlos Beltran singled leading off the seventh. Three relievers followed him and completed a four-hitter, the 13th shutout for St. Louis this season.”

Wild card: Josh Beckett (for his HR at homer-unfriendly RFK)
Busted flush: John Patterson

At the start of play today:

                W  L  GB GL
  Houston      75 64  -- 23
  Florida      75 65 0.5 22
  Philadelphia 73 67 2.5 22
  Washington   72 69 4.0 21
  NY Mets      70 70 5.5 22

Today's matchups:

Turners (Horacio Ramirez) at Nats (Steve)
Flippers (Burnett) at Phailers (Cory F.N. Lidle)
Houston (Rocket) at Brewskies (Doug Davis)
Metsies (J. Seo) at Budweisers (the Marquis of St. Louis)

Best case: England bowl out Australia for 250
Worst case: petrol prices top £1.00 a litre

Update: standings corrected. Silly Blogger.


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