02 October, 2005



Yep, the Donut has returned from Italy. Refreshed and revitalised. At least until the gruel of work.

Still catching up on what's happening, but looks like the bad news is that the Nats will finish at .500. Tottenham snatched a come-from-behind win at Charlton yesterday. Third place for the Spurs - a false position as several close behind have games in hand.

Bad planning meant that I missed the opportunity of Serie A football on vacation. FC Empoli play just 8km or so from the villa we stayed at for two weeks. The middle Sunday saw the Blues at home. I only found out the day after. Meh.

Empoli is a dump: Vittolini, our base, is a little hilltop village close by Vinci (as in Leonardo) and not a dump.

Italian Soccer has sold it's soul to Rupert Murdoch. Sky Calcio shows every Serie A game live or on tape delay. But, it's pay per view.

Still, every town and village we visited had its own team, mostly in the Toscana regional league. At the top of the dirt track to our villa was a well appointed field, tucked into the mountainside.

Holiday reading included "A Beautiful Game?" - lifting the lid on the theft of football's soul by the Premier League.


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