04 October, 2005

MLB - playoff predictions

Over at Yuda Gameday chats, I made my predictions yesterday. Before the playoffs start - less than an hour from now - I thought I better get them down here for posterity.

AL Divisional Series
Bosox over the Ozzie Sox in 3 - mid season I fancied the Ozzie Sox to go all the way. But, partly on the basis that they've been waiting since May for the playoffs to start and partly because Boston are a monster, the nod goes to the Red Legs.

Yanks over the Angels in 5 - tough call here. Despite LA of A's better record, the Yanks are just about the best team in baseball right now. LA has better starting pitching, but the Yanks hitting is better and the bullpen is lights out from inning 6 onwards.

NL Divisional Series
Cards over the Padres in 3 - unless Peavy shuts them down tonight, I can't see anything other than a blowout. (That's put the mockers on St Louis.)

‘stros over the Braves in 5 - for all the head-to-head nonsense, this one looks likely to be settled by a blown call, error, balk or fan interference. I like Houston's pitching better (especially with Smoltz doubtful), but Andruw could win this single handed.

AL League Championship
Yanks over the Bosox in 7 - A re-match of last year's epic and payback for the New Yorkers. Leaving aside the bats, it could be bullpen arms that win this series.

NL League Championship
‘stros over the Cards in 7 - another rematch and again last year's result gets reversed. Houston's trio of starters has just enough to best St Louis.

World Series
Yanks over the 'Stros in 4 - Houston's first World Series will be an anticlimax. The Yanks are the best team in baseball and they are primed for the playoffs.


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