25 January, 2006

Good seats available

Alas, I will be spending my vacation time in Dubrovnik (May) and Arizona (July). So, I'll miss out on the World Baseball Classic. But, if you happen to be in Arizona, San Diego, San Francisco, Tokyo, San Juan, Anaheim or Orlando you can buy tickets here.

In response to a thread on Yudachat, I posted this (at #65):

wbc is an event whose time has come.

baseball is already an international game. the standard outside the us, japan and caribbean may not be high, but it’s certainly getting better. imho, events like wbc and the olympics will only serve to improve the game’s profile in the developing baseball nations like italy, australia, south africa and the netherlands.

wbc is more valid than the olympics becuase of mlb involvement. of course, mlb sees this as a marketing opportunity and is compensation for baseball being dropped from the 2012 olympics (boo-hoo).

then again wbc is a gamble. will there be empty stadiums? what about compensation for injured stars?

i’m not enamoured with piazza turning out for italy, but this is nothing new in international sports. italy’s rugby team, for example, is stocked with ex-pat kiwis. but, at least it has made them competitive, raised awareness of the game in italy and attracted more local players.

Spelling errors and lack of capitals are mine. Apologies for a lazy posting.

Here's hoping my £41.99 for cable including NASN brings some WBC action.


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