12 February, 2006

Draft! 5th round and afterwards

There's little on the table. The 5th round is the Mariners' final pick. Some teams will go on for another 4 or 5 rounds.

At this stage, it searching out the players who can stand up. Hoping for the best.

Update 1753:
Now trying to do a trade for third baseman. Being offered an uneven deal - Aaron Boone for Larry Bigbie. Heck, their numbers are similar, but Boone is 5 years older and is keeping 3b warm for Andy Marte.

Update 2136
In a rush, the Mariners completed a deal sending Larry Bigbie and Chan Ho Park to the Cardinals in exchange for Aaron Boone and Pedro Astacio.

In the draft, the M's final pick was used on pitching prospect Josh Rupe, Texas. Rupe went back last year and might not have the high ceiling forecast earlier. But, he's got the ability to change speeds and throw strikes, which is always a plus. The ceiling now looks like no. 3/4 starter. At #144 in the draft, I'll take that.

As I write this, the draft is still going. 10th round just completed!


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