05 February, 2006

Raising the bar

Saturday evening's highlight was not the National Lottery draw.

No, it was the amazing shoot-out in the African Cup of Nations quarter final following 120 plus minutes during which Cameroon and the Ivory Coast cancelled each other out.

Only, they did the same in the penalty shoot-out.

The five designated shooters scored without trouble. Sudden-death. They exchanged kicks. Neither 'keeper got near until the Ivory Coast man saved at 7-7. Wait. He moved, said the assistant referee. The repreived penalty taker scored on the re-take.

All ten outfield players scored. Goalies next.

Cameroon's Hamidou rolled the ball in. Tizie, for the Ivory Coast reciprocated.

11-11. 100% penalties! My father would have been proud ("professionals should never miss a penalty").

Up steps Samuel Eto'o for his second pen. The Barca man, greatest striker in Africa blazes over.

Didier Drogba, Chelsea's lion, plants his kick home. 12-11. Ivory Coast through.


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