01 July, 2006


So, it's over. England lose on penalties in the World Cup again.

Thanks very much Mr Show Pony for getting Rooney sent off. What an overrated w@nker C Ronaldo is. Uncharitable yes, but I hope he gets kicked all over the Premier League. Disgraceful.

Rooney got sent off for being fouled twice by the cheat Carvalho. Ronaldo - almost as bad teeth as his namesake with Brazil - cons the ref. F&cking ludicrous.

Upset, sure. England never performed in the tournament until their backs were against the wall (fnarr, fnarr) in the quarter-final. The effort put in by Owen Hargreaves deserves special mention. Pilloried throughout the World Cup, but when the chips were down he was magnificent.

Eriksson. Good riddance. The selection was all wrong. The tactics were all wrong and the substitutions were mostly wrong.

Few of the players lived up to their reputation, but why on earth did Eriksson take four strikers - two injured, one who he'd never seen in a live game and one who was Plan B. As for the midfield, it never worked with Gerrard (lukewarm throughout) and Lampard (awful from the first kick). Spurs fan I may be, but Carrick wasn't the answer. Lennon though was the option on the right.

Blah, blah, sour grapes.

Well done Portugal. You were awful You cheat and con the referee and I hope you get thumped by Brazil. No ambition playing 11 against 10. England looked more like scoring. Looked like you were playing for penalties.

I need another beer.


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