06 October, 2005

Nats - autumn leaves

Donutball catches up with the Yudites: posting a wrap on the Washington Nationals inaugural season. Here's what the 2005 season has meant to me.

I make no excuses. The Nats bandwagon came trundling along around May time. Those were days of thoughts of telling Mr Pythag to stuff it, living with F-Rob's eccentricities, excusing Cristian Guzman's suckiness. It seemed rude not to jump.

That's not entirely true. I picked up this new toy way back in September 2004 when Mayor Williams donned the Curly W. Having worked in DC for 4 years, living in the 'burbs - it has to be said - but spending quality time in NW, being a baseball nut, I had just had to follow this thing.

Pitchers and Catchers meant something again. I could nearly smell the glove oil. But, I wasn't totally hooked until the Nats starting winning.

Now, I wish I'd been smart enough to start one of these things late last year. Donutball is not an exclusive Nats' blog, but Nats fever and the Yudites were catalysts. Donutball can't compete with bloggers who see most games, either in the flesh, on MLB.tv (love it!) or MASN. So, Donutball aims to give a different slant coming from 3500 miles away.

Channel 5
Britain's Channel 5 - our newest free-to-air station - has a chequered history. Early days saw soft porn movies. There's still patchy coverage of parts of the UK. My parents - living in one of the channel's blind spots - never had the opportunity to watch "Best Ever CSI" or one of many lifestyle programmes.

On the other hand, Channel 5 has pulled off a few coups in the sports department. They've bagged the odd big soccer game, specialising in showing British teams in the Uefa Cup - that's the Champions' League's little brother.

Best of all, Channel 5 has from its earliest days showed live baseball on Sunday nights. Mind you, it's ESPN Sunday Night Baseball, which brings me to...

Joe Morgan
And I thought I was the only one who thought Joe Morgan was an idiot. "I don't believe in conspiracy theories unless they have facts behind them." Shut up Joe.

lol. raffie is a rOYd head. ha, ha.

Man, it's difficult to break the habit of a lifetime. I still love the Metsies, but I gosh darn wish they weren't in the same division.

Games I remember
Well, that's difficult because I don't get to see many games live. But, the Pine Tar Game sticks in the mind mostly for the ragging of 6-4-2 Rob. Yer manager's a dickhead and that monkey thing is stupid, but I still want the Haloes to beat the Yankees. But, 'fraid I have to go for an NL team in the series (except the Braves).

Fecking Time Zones
Time zones didn't exist until the railways demanded standardised time. Before then, time was measured at each individual point by reference to a sundial. In fact, before the railways there was no need for accurate time so people didn't really care that much about it.

Well, I'm sorry MLB but you've got to start scheduling more 2pm EDT starts so I can get home and watch games at home in the evening (my time).

Baby Rueckels, Svurgla, Boz, DCN@B, Hondo, Wilko, Officer Schneider, Inning-Endy, Washingtonienne. Ah, memories.

Most of all this Nats season has rekindled my love of the game. That's pretty good, huh?


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