06 November, 2005

Trade offer

hot stove
The IRBL Mariners have been offered Mark Grudzielanek for Mike Mussina.

Grud - .294/.334/.407 in 528 ABs; he's a 35 year old free-agent. I guess he's got a year or so as a starter.

Moose - 1.37 WHIP, in 179.2 innings, 142 Ks, 30 starts and a couple of CGs. Now 37, but still a solid No.2 starter.

Tempted to say no. Moose, despite his age, is likely to have more productive years. I need a second baseman, but Moose is my No.1 starter. Losing him exposes a fragile back-end rotation - Elarton, Ishii, Park and Greinke.

Advice, please.


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