24 October, 2005

Give that man a donut


My Diamond Mind team, the IRBL Mariners, boasts little in the way of smack from the bat. Next year (of course based on this year - if you know what I mean), my table setter will be Scott Podsednik. Fine.

But, I think I prefer the 12 home runs Podsednik popped as Milwaukee Brewer in 2004. This is no little ball franchise that I'm building.

In 568 plate appearances this season, Podsednik hit precisely zero home runs. Think about that. He played in the second most homer friendly park in the American League.Donut

Podsednik's DMB "card" will have zero HRs on it next year. He'll have less power than Al Weis.

So his two dingers in the post-season - including last night's walk-off shot in Game 2 of the World Series - help me not. Thanks, Scott. Have a donut.


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