13 October, 2005

Give that man a donut

Strike three, Joe Buck said.

Strike three, Tim McCarver said.

Strike three, Lou Piniella said.

Still in play, said Doug Eddings, the only man whose opinion counted. Who are you going to believe -- me or your lying eyes?

Only, seems he didn't. White Sox batter A.J. Pierzynski took off for first, Eddings thought "shit, catcher Josh Paul dropped it. Hey, I don't wanna be a schlump and blow the call. Now did I call him out? Er, heck A.J.'s made it to first. Mommy!"

Give that man a donut.

Better still, give the whole crew plus A.J. a donut.

I will allow that Escobar shouldn't hung an 0-2 pitch to Joe Crede. And, maybe Paul should've tagged Pierzynski just to be sure. Why not add Mike Scoscia, Buck, McCarver and Lou. Call it a Baker's Dozen.


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