19 February, 2006

Defying gravity

Tottenham Hotspur 2, Wigan Athletic 2

Sky's commentator, I think it was incredibly wispy-haired Alan Parry, was puzzled by the boos coming from Tottenham fans at the end of a nervy, disjointed 2-2 draw this afternoon.

Well, Alan. Let me explain. Without doing down Wigan, this was another in a series of uninspired performances and disappointing results since we ushered in the New Year some 6 weeks ago. In that period, Spurs have won 2 out of 7 league encounters, lost twice and drawn the other 3. Throw out the tough loss at Liverpool, Tottenham have failed to beat Fulham, Sunderland and Aston Villa. Dropping points against these sides is not Champions' League (tm) material.

No, Donutball is not getting carried away with Champions' League (tm) hype. Heck, West Ham fans think they're going to qualify. We've said all along at this blog that a top six finish would be great. However, having got into the top four and having had teams around them struggle to pick up points, Spurs missed a golden opportunity to consolidate fourth place. This weekend, with FA Cup matches taking precedence Spurs failed to advance their Champions' League (tm) claim.

With the Wigan game brought forward a weekend, next week is blank for Tottenham. March sees games against physical Blackburn (home); the chosen Chelsea (away); far from impressive Birmingham (away) and lowly West Brom (home). There's a realistic target of 9 points. That might be just enough to hang on to fourth.

But, April will be the acid test with games against Man United, Arsenal and Bolton plus resurgent Newcastle and a tricky visit to Everton. West Ham lay in wait for the final weekend of the season on 7 May. Believe it or not that could be a Champions' League (tm) decider. More likely, it'll be a battle for the one remaining UEFA Cup place.

Spurs may rue February's dropped points. (Booooooooooooo!)


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